Slingin Vino, wine educator, sommelier,

My introduction to the wine industry happened while I was a Trademark Paralegal for a San Francisco law firm. Some of our biggest clients were various Napa and Sonoma estate vineyards. In short, I was responsible for filing documentation with the USPTO to register wine labels – yes, each wine/varietal has to have its own trademark. 

When I moved back to my hometown of Chicago, I discovered a local winery that was looking for servers at their taste shop. I was hired on the spot and had no idea where it would lead me. My first day on the job, the place was packed with wineaux. A co-worker pulled me into helping him do a group tasting – and I was hooked. 

After self-studying the world of wine as much as possible, I realized one day there was no other place I belonged. Now, I am a Certified WSET Level 3 Sommelier, Specialist of Wine and Wine Educator. I love teaching wine and spirits and strive to make group tastings and classes memorable. 

It was slingin’ vino and talking about wine and life with visitors from all over the world in that little taste shop where  I truly fell down the rabbit hole. It’s where the idea for Slingin’ Vino was born. As I have been a writer, editor and author most of my life, this is the place where I combine my passion for both, and share that passion with you.   



WSET Cairenn Rhys

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